Okkun, also known as the Sacred Garden of Lady Okatsu, is one of the four major countries that lies to the East in the alliance of Ba Shie'n, governed by the Yuisen Clan house.

Climate & Geography

Okkun's climate is generally very subtropical, humid, and provides warm temperatures, until later on into the year's winter months, where it is not uncommon for it to snow. Okkun's more Northern regions are known to have some scattered mountains, among its forests from the center towards the North and cherry blossom orchids scattered across the land.

Okkun also uses one of the main points of the Dunan'gi River as one of its trade routes between Ba Shie'n's other major countries, such as Qio'lao to the North, Mung Toi to the South, and Xi'an to the West.